We prepared a prepaid digital card (gift code) that can be used at the TOKO-BEADS online shop. If you are not sure what to gift them, gift the gift card to your family or friends. The recipient can purchase what they want.

Please inform the recipient of the gift card (gift code) that will be emailed to you after purchase. If the recipient enters the code at the time of purchase, the balance of the gift card will be deducted from the order amount.

We have 1,000 yen, 3,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 8,000 yen, 10,000 yen, 15,000 yen, 20,000 yen, and 50,000 yen cards available.

One unique code will be issued per gift card. You can purchase and use multiple gift cards, but the amount of the gift card will not be added up. If you would like to combine a gift card (gift code) with an amount other than the above optionsherePlease contact us. We will set up a gift card for the desired amount.

Example 1) Purchase 2 cards of 1,000 yen → 2 gift cards (1,000 yen x 2 codes) will be issued.

Example 2) 1 gift card for 1,000 yen + 1 card for 5,000 yen → 2 gift cards (1,000 yen x 1 code, 5,000 yen x 1 code) will be issued.

⇒You can also set a gift card of 2,000 yen or 6,000 yen, so please contact us.

[How to use]

- For orderer 

1. An email will be sent to you to notify the gift card code after purchasing the gift card. You can see the gift card from the "View Gift Card" button at the bottom of the email.

2.Please tell the gift card code to your recipient by forwarding the email or print it out.

- For the recipient

3. After selecting a product at our online shop, enter the gift card code in the "Gift card or coupon code" field during and press the "Apply" button. The balance of the gift card balance will be deducted from the total amount of the order. 
When the total amount of the order is less than the gift card balance, the gift card can be used in the next time until the balance runs out. 


[Precautions for use]

* Gift cards (codes) are not tied to specific users. If the correct code is entered, anyone can use it. Please handle it with care.

* To use the gift card, you need to enter the code at the time of purchase. It does not automatically apply to gift card holders.

*Gift card orders cannot be canceled after the gift card information has been delivered from our store.

*Gift cards are not eligible for returns or refunds.

*If you return an order that was paid by the gift card, the gift card balance will be refunded. Please see the detail in About Returns and Refunds

*Gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

* You cannot check the balance of the gift card. Your balance will be deducted when you enter the code during checkout and press the apply button. If you would like to check the balance before shopping, please ask us from here with the last 4 digits of the gift card code.