Q. When I click on the item image in shopping site, the image of wrong item is displayed.
A. The image is updated to new one in our site but old image left in your PC might be displayed. Please click on the displayed image to make it active, then press [F5] button with pressing [Ctrl] button to refresh the old image.
Q. What is the origin of word "Tombodama" ?
A. The origin of word "Tombodama" is assumed to be the English word "tomb" but there are various stories.
Q. What is the definition of "Tombodama" ?
A. Sometimes "Tombodama" means beads made of glass in a broad sense, beads made of rather large glass using lots of colors in a narrow sense but there seems to be no clear definition for it. TOKO-BEADS use the word "Tombodama" in a broad sense.
Q. Where is the origin of the beads sold in TOKO-BEADS ?
A. They are mainly from Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Philippines, and Afghanistan. Not many but some are from African countries such as Kenya and Ghana.
Q. Where can I found the size description of beads ? 
A. Please click HERE for the information about size description.
Q. Which size will be delivered to me if size variation of the item is very large ?
A. If you order 1 piece, we select a average sized bead.
If you order 2 pieces, we select similar sized beads to be a pair.
If you order 3 pieces or more, size variation is getting larger.
Kindly note that this cannot be possible if the stock is not many. When we judge size variation of you beads is too large, we inform you before shipping.
Q. How do I know number of available stock ?
A. Available stock is displayed as [ Stock : 12 ] on the bottom part in each item column. means stock is more than one hundred. means out of stock. If you want to know the number of stock in case more than 100, please put 999 in qty then the latest number will be displayed with error message. If you need our help, please send inquiry to us with the item code. >> Click HERE to go to mail form.
Q. How do I know when the item being out of stock will be re-stocked ?
A. Please send inquiry to us with the item code. >> Click HERE to go to mail form.
Q. What should I do if I found a problem in the delivered beads ? 
A. Please send inquiry to us with the item code. >> Click HERE to go to mail form.
Q. What kind of packaging will the goods be ?
A. Beads will be wrapped individually with printed item code and packed carefully in a safe and light way. Please refer to the image for reference.
click the image to enlarge it.
Q. I ordered but I don't receive any reply from TOKO-BEADS.
A. Two emails will be sent to the provide email address after placing order. 1st email is an auto-reply sent within a few minutes, and the 2nd one is a manual reply sent within 2 business days. If you don't receive those email, emails might be sent to your spam folder or the email address provided might be wrong. Please check your spam folder first and send us inquiry with a different email address from mail form if there is no email found in your spam folder.
>>click HERE to go to mail form.