About ordering method

Q. The site display is not normal. When I try to enter the shopping cart, I get an error saying "Cannot load".

A. If you use Internet explorer it will not be displayed normally. When browsing on a PC, please use a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Q. When I click the product image, a different image is displayed.

A. If the image is replaced with a new image, the old image remaining on your PC may be displayed. In that case, hold down "Ctrl" and press the "F5" key. The correct image is displayed. (Reload procedure)

Q. In what form will the product be sent?

A. When delivering, we will carefully wrap it with safety and light weight in mind and send it with a part number code. In addition, we will enclose a delivery note that describes the product name, quantity, unit price, amount, etc. for each product number.

About product

A. The etymology of the word "dragonfly ball" comes from the fact that many old beads were excavated from an old grave (Tomb in English), so it was read in Roman letters, or because of the shape of the dragonfly ball, the eye of the dragonfly. There are various theories, such as because it resembles, but there seems to be no established theory.

A. The word "dragonfly ball" means "beads made of glass" in a broad sense. In a narrow sense, it often means beads made of glass that are rather large in various colors. In any case, there doesn't seem to be a very clear definition. Even in our shop, we do not use the word "Tombodama" in a very narrow sense.

Q. What does the product size description mean?

A.Please see the following page for details on the size description.

A.If there is a width in the size display, we will match the size so that we will have the same size as possible when sending. If you would like a larger one or a smaller one, please enter the product code and your preference in the "Communication column" when ordering.

A.Please contact us by e-mail as there is a link to send an e-mail for inquiries about the product on the sales floor page of each product. ..

About custom-made

A.At our shop, we accept a wide range of custom-made (made-to-order) beads and other glass products made of various materials, as well as various parts for handmade accessories and handmade jewelry. Please see the following page for details.

About custom production


A.Please see the following page for details on issuing receipts.

Description of receipt issuance

A. In most cases where it is said that the email does not arrive, it is due to some reception setting on the customer side. Especially recently, the number of inquiries about troubles such as "I haven't received an email" has increased dramatically at au ezweb and hotmail / MSN> email addresses. Please wait in a state where you can receive emails from our shop. If you cannot receive the message, you may not be able to receive the reply from our shop even if you contact us from the same address, so please contact us using a different address. Please note that if you do not respond to the contact from our shop for a certain period of time, you may not be able to make a transaction. I look forward to working with you. Our email address est@toko-beads.com