Our size description standard

 Basically sizes are written as "SIZE (diameter x length x hole mm)", and are rounded to the nearest 0.5 mm. Due to variations in size, all sizes written are average sizes for guidance only.

Size descriptions that apply to both of bead and pendant (charm)

  • The unit is mm (millimeter).
  • The average value is shown, and less than 0.5 mm is rounded down.
  • Choose a hole that is larger than the code you are using. 

Size descriptions for bead

Sizes are displayed as Diameter x length x hole diameter.
  Diameter: Maximum value in the direction perpendicular to the hole
  Length: Maximum value in the same direction as the hole
  Hole diameter: Hole diameter

Size desctiptions for Pendant (charm)

Sizes are displayed as The long side x the short side x (hole diameter).
  Long side: Maximum value in the long direction
  Short side: ShortMaximum direction
  Hole diameter: Hole diameter

 Instructions and directions for using our beads

As for Asian and African beads, especially glass beads, since the glass near the holes is thin, the beads may crack or chip by hitting each other when they are made into accessories. This often happenes with elongated (barrel-shaped) glass beads. We recommend placing metal beads, silver beads, wood beads,etc. between the glass beads for cushioning.

Before Use

 Asian and African glass beads may have ash-like residue inside the holes due to manufacturing methods. Although it is harmless, you can remove it with a brush (such as interdental brush) before using beads easily.

We appreciate your understanding that we send without removing ash-like residue to keep the prices affordable.

If you force the cords through the beads, the beads may break easily, so use a cord that is thinner than the hole size.

(Note) Regardless of the material, beads and cords may be discolored or decolorized by ultraviolet rays if they are discolored by moisture such as sweat or rainwater and stain clothes, or if they are used repeatedly in direct sunlight for a long time. Please note that there is a possibility

 Characteristics of Asian and African beads

 Asian beads, especially Indonesian beads, vary greatly in size, shape, and color due to the following circumstances. Of course, that is one of the great attractions of Asian beads, but in some cases it is better to have no variation. Please understand the following points and enjoy our Asian beads. Basically, it is made by hand, there is no strict standard, and there is no concept of product number. Therefore, there are variations in size and shape within one production lot (quantity unit that can be produced at once in one production).

 Furthermore, if the production lot is different (for example, the second production), not only the size and shape but also the color tone will be different.Even if they look the same at first glance, they give a completely different impression when compared between groups of dozens of pieces. However, the above differences are not treated as differences and tend to be treated as the same product.

 Our Asian and African Beads Product Number Handling Standards

 At our shop, we determine the product number of beads based on the following criteria based on the above situation.

・ Basically, different product numbers are given to items with the same design but different purchase times.

・ If there is no difference in color tone even when compared in groups, the same product number may be given exceptionally.

 ・Variations in size and color tone within the same design will be treated as the same product number unless it is very noticeable, and variations in size within approximately 5% will be treated as the same product number.

-Also, in exceptional cases, the size descriptions may have a width with the same part number, but in this case as well, we will send items of the same size as closely as possible.

From the above, at our shop, when ordering from customers,We select and ship the products so that there is as little variation as possible in the quantity ordered at that time.Therefore, we recommend that you order the quantity you think you need at one time.

About glass materials for glass beads

There are two types of glass beads materials: "glass" and "recycled glass".

1) Glass: New glass material for beads

2) Recycled glass・・・There are two types of glass materials for beads that are made by reusing waste glass.

・Molten Recycled Glass・・・Glass material for beads made by melting and recycling waste glass

・Non-melting recycled glass: Glass material for beads made by cutting and shaping waste glass without melting it )

About selection of beads to send

At our shop, when sorting beads to be sent from customers when ordering from customers, in principle, the following criteria are applied "unless otherwise instructed" on the premise that "the quantity in stock allows". Doing.
(1) The image displayed on the sales floor shows the average bead of the product number.
(2) If you order one piece, we will send the one that is closest to the display at our discretion.
③ If you order 2 pieces, we will send you as much as possible.
(4) In the case of 3 or more, the possibility of irregularity increases as the number increases, compared to the case of 2 pieces.
⑤ If the number of items in stock is small, there is a high possibility that the above standards cannot be strictly observed, but if the variation exceeds our standards, we will inform you accordingly.