As a general rule, we will accept returns for items that have been contacted by phone or email within 7 days of arrival. If the reason for the return is not an initial defect and the shipping fee was paid by us at the time of purchase, we may ask for the original shipping fee depending on the amount.

In the case of initial failure, we will return it by the method specified by our shop and exchange it for a good product. (The return shipping fee in this case will be borne by our shop in some way)
If the item cannot be exchanged, the already paid item price will be refunded.

(Note) In the case of products that are sold consecutively (not sold individually but sold as a series of beads with a fixed number of strings passed through), some of the beads may have deformation or cracks, but in that case However, please note that you are not eligible for initial failure, so please purchase it in advance. Also, please confirm the above when you receive the product before using it. Please note that the string cannot be replaced after it has been cut and separated. In addition, the number of items included in a series is an approximate estimate, and may vary slightly depending on the series.

Return deadline

Within 7 days from the date of delivery. After that, it is decided after confirming the reason for the return.

Shipping charges to return products

In case of initial failure, the store will bear the cost, otherwise the customer will bear the cost.

Refund amount remittance fee and refund period of product price

In the case of damage due to initial failure, it will be borne by the shop, otherwise it will be borne by the customer.
In the case of returned goods that are not blamed by our shop, if cash on delivery, card payment or other sales price has not arrived at our shop, the product will be returned to our shop and refunded immediately after the payment has arrived at our shop. It may take up to 60 days. In case of payment by bank transfer, we will refund the returned item as soon as it arrives.
Please note that in the case of cash on delivery, if you do not receive it and return it to our shop, we will charge the shipping fee and COD fee.

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