AG042S-98 Glass beads 8~10mm


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The page where this product is posted is 01-010 Flat rhombus glass beads.

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Product name:AG042S-98 Glass beads 8~10mm

It is a monochromatic rhombus and monochromatic lampwork bead. It is a product number with a large variation in shape because it is all handmade by burner work in a tropical Java workshop. This product is for handmade accessory and handmade jewelry.

Quantity / Sales unit : 1
Special notes :Vintage Color
Color : Blue
Size(mm) : 8~10x10~11x1 --> See description
Material : Recycled Glass
Material description : Molten recycled glass (Glass material for beads made by melting and recycling waste glass)
Producing country/region : Indonesia

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