RG022-27 Roman Glass beads (strand) 7~16mm

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Product name:RG022-27 Roman Glass beads (strand) 7~16mm

A series of Roman glass beads from Afghanistan. Fragments such as glass bottles made in the Roman era are buried in the soil for a long time, and the components in the soil react with the glass surface, and the light is diffusely reflected by fine irregularities, resulting in iridescent luster, silvering. It is made by shaping a piece of glass excavated in the state, making a hole, and processing it into beads. Our Roman glass was excavated near Bamiyan, Afghanistan. This product is for handmade accessory and handmade jewelry.

Quantity / Sales unit: 30 (average)
Image description :1st ("Front") 2nd ("Front")
Color : Green
Size(mm) : 7~16x5~21x2 (ΦxLxHole Φ) ⇒ See description

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