You can enlarge the holes in the wood beads.

At TOKO-Beads,If you contact us before purchase we accept requests for "processing to increase the size of holes" for wooden beads.

Target of hole enlargement processing

  • Only wood beads newly purchased at our shop can be processed.
  • Products purchased at our store in the past and products from other stores are not eligible.
  • The target product has the label "Drill" at the bottom right of the product image displayed on the collection page.
  • Enlargement may not be possible depending on the condition of the beads.

Enlargeable hole size (enlarged size)

  • 2mm/2.5mm/2.8mm/3mm/3.2mm/3.5mm/3.8mm/4mm/4.5mm/5mm
  • The maximum is 5 mm, but the upper limit is about 50% of the diameter of the beads.
  • If the shape of the bead is not a sphere but an elongated shape, the circumference of the hole may be uneven.
  • Regardless of the shape of the beads, the larger the hole, the slightly shorter the length (the length from the entrance to the exit of the hole).

Terms and conditions

  • Before purchasing, send an e-mail stating the details (product number, quantity, hole size after expansion) of your request for hole expansion.inquiryplease give me
  • Hole drilling orders cannot be canceled or returned after payment is complete 
  • Processing price 40 yen / piece (as of March 1, 2022)

Ordering procedure

  1. First by emailinquiryplease give me(Product number, quantity, hole size after expansion)
  2. We will check if it is possible to expand the hole at our shop and answer
  3. If you understand, please purchase the desired product.
  4. We will send you an invoice for the cost of expanding the hole by email.
  5. After the payment of the product price and processing price is completed, we will start processing.

A collection of products that can be used to enlarge holes

The products listed in each of the collections below are products that can be enlarged, but some product numbers may not be available depending on the actual condition of the product. Click the image to display the product information page.