AG915-29 Glass beads 8~10.5mm

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Product name:AG915-29 Glass beads 8~10.5mm

Traditionally designed beads that are tube-shaped and have various stripes around them. It is a standard design, and since there are many variations in the colors and shapes of fine stripes, it is necessary to give a new number each time you purchase it, and it is a typical design that beads with the exact same design will never be available again. Since it is made by hand with burner work in a tropical Javanese workshop, it is also characterized by a large variation in shape even with the same part number. This product is for handmade accessory and handmade jewelry.

Quantity / Sales unit: 1
Color : Red
Size(mm) : 8~10.5x6~8x1~1.5 (ΦxLxHole Φ) ⇒ See description

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