AG956N-03 Glass beads (strand) 6~7mm

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Product name:AG956N-03 Glass beads (strand) 6~7mm

It is a lampwork bead with a design in which the upper half and the lower half are divided into two colors. It is often translucent and has blurred color borders. It is attractive that the two colors appear alternately when connected with a cord. Although it is a standard design, it is a design that beads with exactly the same design and color combination will never be available. Since it is made by hand with burner work in a tropical Javanese workshop, it is also characterized by a large variation in shape even with the same part number. This product is for handmade accessory and handmade jewelry.

Quantity / Sales unit: 60 (average)
Color : Clear Blue
Size(mm) : 6~7x6~7x2 (ΦxLxHole Φ) ⇒ See description

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