PB006-41 Sakuragai(Cherry blossome shell) charm 18x4mm

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Product name:PB006-41 Sakuragai(Cherry blossome shell) charm 18x4mm

It is a charm of Sakuragai. The back side is filled with pink resin. Since it is a bivalve, it is asymmetrical, so the one with the matching part on the left is displayed as (L) and the one on the right is displayed as (R). There are various colors such as dark pink and light pink, but please enjoy the color and texture of the cherry blossoms according to your preference. (. This product is sold as handmade jewelry and accessory parts)

Quantity / Sales unit: 1
Image description::1st 「"Front"」 2nd 「"Back"」
Color : White Pink
Size(mm) : 18x4x1

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